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Answers to the questions of people who read my first book

Thanks for the review Pat, I will try to answer your question.

I am not a scientist, it’s purely my imagination.

A scientific fact says that the Earth is 4.53 billion years old. In my mind, the building blocks for evolution were there at Earth’s creation, I just can’t believe that it’s taken that time to produce mankind. 5 to 7 million years when we climbed out of the trees and started walking upright.

In 4.53 billion years, many civilisations had the ability to evolve and did but the planet surface was so hostile, all perished, this happened 27 times. Only the Utopians took to living underground to survive. It was a tough existence at the beginning not much food so long treks had to be made to the surface to gather food. No difference from our own ancestors, a food source on the surface was plenty.

After 10 million years living underground, their scientists found ways of making life pleasant underground.

Their priorities were different, they didn’t need to keep warm and their science developed from natural elements and chemically changed them to their requirements. Burning of fuel just caused death in the beginning, making it imperative they found something more sustainable, they have had nearly 4 billion years to perfect their life and are now reaching their reason for existence and at death, they join with eternity and infinity and assist the universe expanding.

Getting to the surface was not unlike our space missions and over time perfected a temporal shift machine.

The universe has 3 dimensions, but time according to a branch of physics has at least 10 and maybe more. My imagination is fused from watching Star Trek from its first episode till now and in all its variants. Gene Roddenberry creation and the team of writers that keep the franchise alive provoke my imagination. I digress slightly (blog followers get used to it).

The ten dimensions are linked somewhat like the Olympic symbol of five rings, each overlapping. To prevent them from colliding with each other, there is a safety buffer. The Verticular uses this space. It locates the closest next dimension and jumps into it, it hasn’t really moved but swapped dimensions, then jump back into our dimension at the exact place the passenger wants. Hugh, how does it work technically I may be able to answer that in 4 billion years time.

This may answer Hugh’s question and once again thanks for the review

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