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What is my book about?

I talked to someone who had read my book and told me that we use all our brains, not just 25%, as you allude to in your book.

I did concede that he was correct; we do use all our brains or at least every part of them.

My book, which is fiction, is based on that the space we do not use, which is enormous. Each compartment of the brain which deals with speech, memory, the complexity of living, breathing controlling the blood and such takes very little space, so each part of the brain has so much more room to utilise. For example, when you download a program on your phone or computer, a bar shows how much more to go on the download; if you check what memory you have left, it shows you what you used and how much you have left. The powers bestowed on Robin fill those voids.

Evolution, should the population last, these powers will evolve with them; the Utopians just short-circuited evolution for Robin.

The power of his mind is immense. His mind wasn’t cleansed of his 21st-century traits, so anger, hatred, jealousy and all the other frailties we have, are still in his mind, as they can usurp the mental discipline of the Utopians. This comes to the surface when muggers confront Robin’s wife; unless his Utopian minder intervened, Robin would have killed them with his mind.

Utopian’s can penetrate every part of someone’s mind, collectively they are able to control the minds of everyone within a neural net and it’s impossible not to comply with their thoughts, as Utopians are pure of thought they are unable to harm, no so Robin!

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