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White Energy, what is it? I was asked

Remember, it’s fiction, but how did my mind come up with this hypothesis?

I am a great believer in nature; because whatever has been thrown at this world, nature has coped with it.

We humans step in and change things to make humanity better and not our natural environment. We took the easy option of using fossil fuels to evolve, as it was so much easier and more profitable.

My secret civilisations, the Utopians, did not benefit from the fire for warmth, cooking and light. Instead, they moved further and further underground for Earth’s natural heat and used the hot springs emanating from Earth’s core.

Their evolution and science took a different approach and used the most abundant elements available. Since the earth is rich in hydrogen, sodium chloride (salt) and silicon (sand), they found a way to fuse all three components to produce White Energy.

It’s just like Wi-Fi. Our mobile phones, TVs, and computers can all receive Wi-Fi signals, but we take it for granted. White energy is somewhat similar to that. It reacts with other chemicals and natural elements to create an energy source without considering the consequences, just like electricity does for humanity.

Moreover, we need to understand that climate change and global warming are real. Hurricanes are getting more intense, and ice caps are melting. This all needs to be fixed, but it seems that governments will not agree with me.

That is why I believe in following a politically free environment without compromise and just doing the right thing for humanity to survive.

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