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All my books follow a theme. My book “The burning of fossil fuels” is about killing the planet. It’s not in the interest of countries that supply oil and gas. Like the Ukraine war will globally affect its price as capitalism is market-driven, and a shortage spirals the price of oil because:

  1. Everyone has to have it and chases the price upwards. My point is it costs no more to get it out of the ground. I may be naïve, but to me, it is profiteering on a grand scale.

  2. Governments are so embroiled with these corporations that they cannot see the wood from the trees and will when the Electorate has had enough a windfall tax on excessive profits nowhere near what it should be because most of the largest shareholders are pension funds.

  3. It is our money in the pension fund, and they don’t have their own. Similarly, our governments only have our money. Should we have a better say in “HOW” our money is spent?

According to Forbes, there are 2600+ billionaires worldwide holding a net worth of $12.7 trillion. Is that obscene or jealousy? My view is that these 2600 could change the world by getting the other 56.1 millionaires on board and solving every problem without governments. It just needs the will to start and heal our wonderful planet.

Mother Nature has a delicate infrastructure; everything has a purpose, and our interference in it has consequences. We move a plant from one place to another, take over the weaker plants, and become the dominant species. For instance, Japanese knotweed; Australia imported a certain type of frog to kill some varmint that was causing grief to a crop. With no natural predator, they become a greater pest.

My books allude to the natural scheme of things. I use the three most abundant elements, sand, salt, and hydrogen. In my secret civilization, I was able to fuse these elements to produce a power that they use to drive everything underground. It’s a natural element environment.

It’s taken a lot of time to make the point if you managed to get this far.

  • Methane which is causing some of our environmental ills, should be harnessed.

  • One thing we all do is defecate the seven billion of us if it was piped.

  • Into an anaerobic digester and produced the power we needed.

Now the full circle is if the billionaires and millionaires funded the infrastructure, which is so costly; once up and running with a free supply of matter, the electricity could be sold and repay them, and pension funds could dictate their terms.

The industrial nations’ pensions hold about 7 trillion. How much do they need to fulfill their pension needs? Possibly two trillion at the most, leaving five to invest long-term into the infrastructure. If the billionaires got on board as well as the millionaires into this long-term investment, in time, it would generate a far greater return and leave the oil in the ground.

Freshwater (we can’t drink oil), according to Wikipedia, is only 3%, and we can only get to 1.2%, and generally, it comes from rivers and streams. The oceans account for nearly 70% of the planet, an abundance of undrinkable water, and are now suitable for irrigation. Why not open up the closed shipyards and turn the closed down Foundries into recycling plants to supply the metal to shipyards to make floating desalination plants and lease them to countries that cannot afford or have the capital to make their own? With irrigation, they could grow the crops for themselves, sell the excess, and pay for the water they use. The money people just have to sit back for a few years, and the interest could be accrued from day one but not repayable until a profit is made. But of course, corruption will raise its ugly head in the whole chain of events but could be dealt with by a world court similar to the Haige but with much more clout. People would be seen to be punished no matter how wealthy they are. It has to be fair and seen to be just.

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