About Author

I am 72 married to Susan for 47 years. I was born in the suburbs of London, a place called Northolt, towards the end of the central line. My schooling I enjoyed but left before exams to take up an apprenticeship with Mercedes Benz… I spent 30 years in the motor industry and finally in the food industry for another 20 years.
I now live in Spain but still have roots in the UK, where I spent most of my married and working life in Suffolk. I took up writing in 2007. It has taken a long time, but at last, it is out of my head and on paper.
Hobbies apart from writing are few, love socialising and having a good time, and age is creeping up on me, so the partying is slowing down. I still love loud music 60’s70’s 80’s a fantastic time for me.