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Trials and Tribulations

(1 customer review)

Dark Seven are funding nearly all the terrorism in the world. A plan is devised to capture the emissary’s but circumstances change, and they all have to be taken out instead. But an elite assassin who is out to reclaim what was taken from her people stands in Robin’s way. Her pursuit for revenge could wreak havoc on earth…that’s if she lives to see the end of her mission.
In the meantime, the vast flow of Helium enriched magma bubble created by Oblivion is on the verge of breaking through the earth’s crust. Robin and his team are aware of this, and steps are taken, but will they be enough?



1 review for Trials and Tribulations

  1. Peter Witney

    I enjoyed the reading of this book, easy reading. Good storyline. I am looking forward to reading Reign, the third one which I have ordered as soon as I finished this one.

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